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If you’re ready to truly enjoy living this one and only precious life, we’d love to have you join our community! Sign up today for a group program, or complete an interest form to explore a 1:1 coaching engagement.

Group Coaching

Engage in a community of like-minded and like-valued women


Group coaching brings together women working toward similar goals to learn and grow together in a supportive environment. If you're feeling like you're the only one experiencing these challenges, you'll be amazed and relieved to hear from other women who share similar thoughts and beliefs.


Various group programs are available throughout the year. Check back here for current and upcoming offerings.


January Reset for High Achieving Women 

Join a community of like minded women and spend January together in a supportive environment. Our goal is to help each one of us to find joy in every success and actually live the life they want. Through weekly zoom calls and our Facebook group, we'll come together and make this a year of positive transformation! 

Spring 2024 Program 

Coming soon!!

1:1 Coaching Engagement

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Work with Leanna in a 1:1 setting for maximum transformation

​Together, we co-create the coaching engagement tailored toward your individual goals. We will have plenty of space for you to dive deep and examine the beliefs, limitations, and expectations that are currently holding you back from living a life full of balance and joy.

What My Clients Say

"I thoroughly enjoy the group sessions!I love connecting with others who are experiencing similar situations and life experiences. I enjoy networking and hearing from other professional women the struggles they face and how they work through them."

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