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Leanna Laskey McGrath, Certified Executive Coach

You’ve climbed the ladder. You’ve followed the path or forged your own.

You’ve done everything you’re supposed to do, and you’ve achieved multiple successes in your life and you’re very successful "on paper."

So why don’t you feel fulfilled yet? Why does it feel so hard while it seems effortless for everybody else?


Does it feel like everybody around you is benefiting from your labor while you silently suffer?

Sure, you have a good life, and happy moments, and you “should” be grateful, so why do you constantly feel like you’re failing, and like when you get ahead in one area of your life, it’s at the expense of another?


Hi, I’m Leanna Laskey McGrath, and I’ve been there. I’ve had all these thoughts and feelings myself. Sometimes I still do. As a high achieving, workaholic, perfectionist business executive and mom, I was outwardly successful, but my internal experience didn’t match the one I showed everyone else. I was struggling. I constantly felt like I was failing and I believed that everyone else was doing it better than me, and that if only I was better, this wouldn’t feel so hard.


I always felt like when things were going well at work, I was failing as a mom. And when I felt like I was finally getting down the whole mom thing, I was letting down my coworkers. And then there was everything else that was important to me – my marriage, my health, my friendships, my sanity – and it just felt like I was constantly neglecting everything and never giving any area of my life as much as I wanted to.

I've spent a lot of time being coached, coaching myself, in counseling, and reflecting on why this felt so hard for me. And now I coach high achieving ambitious women like myself, especially executive moms, and what I've found is that my experience is not unique. In fact, so many of us feel this way. So many women are going through life giving so much to everyone around us, at the expense of ourselves. So many of us are successful “on paper” but our internal landscape doesn’t match – we often believe we’re there by accident and that if anybody truly knew what a mess we are or how bad we’re actually doing, we’d be fired on the spot. So we work harder and harder to prove ourselves – to both ourselves and to everyone around us. Movement and forward progress is our solution; it’s what we’re good at. But for what? What are we moving toward? Why are we working and pushing so hard to get there, and why are we in such a hurry? When do we get to actually enjoy this one and only precious life we’ve been given?


If any of this resonates or describes your experience, I would love to connect with you. I’m on a mission to help hard-working, ambitious women enjoy their lives. To continue achieving and succeeding in all the areas of their lives, but with a sense of calm, joy, and fulfillment. To feel more balanced more often. And to stop being so damn hard on ourselves every time we fail to reach the unachievable expectations we’ve set for ourselves. 

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